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Online College for Undocumented Students

Students without legal citizenship or residency face many barriers to higher education. From a lack of access to financial aid to high tuition fees, the difficulties that come with pursuing education can seem overwhelming. While these barriers still remain, there are some important resources and support systems available for undocumented students to help them overcome these challenges, earn a degree, and succeed.

The movement to increase access to education for everyone, regardless of citizenship status, has helped undocumented students across the country follow their dreams and make a positive impact in their communities. More than 200,000 DACA recipients are essential workers performing vital jobs during COVID-19, and 30,000 of those essential workers are on the frontlines in healthcare roles. Undocumented citizens are able to become teachers, work for nonprofits, open small businesses, and pursue other career opportunities because of DACA and other efforts to make higher education accessible.

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