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Please share names of those graduating this Spring and Summer

Dear Partner Colleges,

We need your help!

It is an exciting time for us (and for you and our Scholars) because many are graduating this Spring and Summer. We hope to elevate our graduates’ stories and at the same time learn what types of support they need post-college.

One of the areas we are working on is to influence the narrative of DREAMers nationwide by showcasing their achievements and contributions. We want to collect our graduate stories, and with their permission, amplify them in the media. Concurrently, we want to know what their needs are to advance their careers.

In order to do both, we need to know who is graduating. This is where we need your help. By next Wednesday, May 16th, please email me and Melissa Barrera a list of Scholars graduating this Spring and Summer. Use the following format:

First and last name, College ID, Graduation Term, Degree Type
Example: John Lee, 654679, Summer 2018, BA
You do not need to put this information in any template or excel sheet. Simply email us the information in that format.

If you do not have any Scholars graduating this Spring or Summer, please send us a quick email letting us know – again by the 16th.

Thank you in advance for your prompt response and for your willingness to share this crucial data with us. We could not do this work without you!