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ProCentric can give you an edge in the job market!

Seniors and Spring 2019 Grads:

Knowing how to find a job may be more important now than ever. In the wake of COVID 19, recent college grads may face a limited job market. But we can give you an edge! We are partnering with ProCentric to coach you to be successful in your job search and help you find a job.

Procentric has partnerships with many employers nationwide. In addition to coaching, they might place you in a job at one of their company partners or help you land a job elsewhere.

To learn more, read this flyer and FAQ document.


To participate in this program, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Fill out the application form
  2. Take this Pairin 15-minute online assessment to get insight into your areas of strength and ideas on how to improve in your areas of growth.
  3. Schedule an intake call via this link.

You must commit to complete all your coaching sessions by the end of May.

In this changing world, we know you want a job that is suited to your skills – don’t miss this chance to get help from ProCentric!

TheDream.US Team