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Read & Sign your Opportunity Program Guide via DocuSign

Dear Opportunity Scholars,

When you have questions about your Scholarship award, go to your Opportunity Scholarship Program Guide! It outlines all policies and guidelines for your Scholarship. You will find answers related to:

  • Taking a break in enrollment
  • Dropping a class
  • What happens if you don’t use your maximum award
  • And many others

This week, we will send you the Program Guide in an email from DocuSign (check your junk or spam folder if you do not see it!). 

We ask that you read and sign your Scholarship Guide by November 21, 2019, using your first and last name in DocuSign.

You will receive a copy upon completion.

We are asking you to do this to help you know the answers to most of your questions.

Happy Reading!

TheDream.US Team