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Reminder – Fall Enrollment Verification Report due 10/1

Dear Partner Colleges,

A friendly reminder that the Fall Enrollment Verification Report (EVR) is due October 1 via this Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/5Fc3onUdZVvhXod3SL95

**Please disregard if you have already submitted your EVR.**

Below are the instructions for completion. Thank you and please reach out to me with any questions!

Two improvements!
 We will only collect enrollment and financial aid information – you do not need to provide academic performance data (we are getting this through the renewal process).
 ISTS will add additional resources so we can process your submissions in a timely manner.

About the Template

There are three tabs in the template:
1. Instructions: Instructions on EVR Process and how to complete and submit template.
2. Enter Data Here: Copy and paste the information from the PC Scholar Report and fill out the columns (following the instructions in the first tab).
3. Drop-Down Source Data: Do not make any changes on this sheet.

There are a few columns in your PC Scholar Report that are new or still being updated:
• Scholar Eligibility and Scholar Status reflect renewal status as of August 7; they will be updated next week to reflect any final renewal submissions
• Maximum Award Amount – coming soon!
• Total Terms Enrolled – coming soon!

Please do not modify or change the template in any way, other than inputting your data on the second tab.

Upload the Template
Upload the completed data report file no later than October 1 via this secure Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/5Fc3onUdZVvhXod3SL95

Award Payments and Refunds
Award payments will be wired to the PC within 30 days after EVR submission.

If you receive funds for Scholars who do not enroll or drop after enrollment, please return the funds to ISTS with an accounting of the dollar amount returned by Scholar name and amount:

1321 Murfreesboro Pike, Ste 800
Nashville, TN 37217

TheDream.US Team