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Request TheDream.US Stoles for Spring 2020 graduates

Dear College teams,

It’s that exciting time to start preparing for Spring 2020 graduations!

To send you graduation stoles and other memorabilia to distribute to TheDream.US graduates we ask that you please complete the Stoles Request Sheet (sent to you by email and in the PC Weekly) by March 18, 2020.

In this Google Sheet, please locate your college in alphabetical order and:

  1. Complete Column B: the estimated number of Stoles you will need for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 graduates
  2. Complete Column C: Enter your Spring graduation date
  3. Complete Column D: Using the drop down, tell us if you are confirming or updating the name and address of the person at your college who should receive the graduation stoles to distribute to graduating Scholars. Updates can be made in columns E to K.

If you don’t find your college listed on the sheet, add your information at the bottom of the sheet.

If you will have NO Spring graduates, please let us know by replying to this email.  

We are grateful for the time you will take to do this by March 18th.  We will mail you the stoles and other items around mid-April. Our Scholars love the recognition they get with our stoles.

Thank you,

TheDream.US Team