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Scholar Performance Yearly Data Collection

Dear Partner Colleges,


We all know that our Scholars are highly motivated and hardworking. The data we collected from you last Spring demonstrates that our students are performing well academically and have high persistence rates.   Last Spring our average GPA was a 3.1 and our persistence rates ranged by cohort from 84% to 95% – well above the national averages for all students!


It is time once again to collect data from you.  To enable this, our Scholars signed a FERPA release as a part of applying for, accepting, and renewing our scholarship award.  See the FERPA language they agreed to below my signature.


Contact [email protected] for a template for you to use to report your current and past Scholars’ performance data as well as instructions on how to complete this template.  Please follow the instructions carefully.  You will notice that the first step is for you to run a report from ISTS before you can complete the template.


We ask that you submit this performance data template by March 1st.  The attached instructions show you how to submit the data to us.


Thank you for completing this important data collection.  We will use this data to guide our collective work and to advocate for increased college access for DREAMers.  Please reach out to me via email or phone if you have any questions.



Tania Wilcox

Director of College Partnerships

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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of your educational records and limits when a school may disclose your records without your consent.  In accepting and renewing TheDream.US Scholarship award, you give your express consent to each of your Educational Institutions (defined below) to disclose your Educational Records (defined below) to TheDream.US and its grantors, partners, contractors, consultants, or other parties to whom TheDream.US has outsourced services or functions (including International Scholarship and Tuition Services and Beyond 12), and (2) each other Educational Organization for the purposes of (a) providing you coaching, mentoring, and other support services, and (b) evaluating and improving TheDream.US and its Partner Colleges educational programs for DREAMers.  Your data will not be disclosed to any other parties, except as permitted under FERPA.


  • Educational Records: means my name, contact information, grades, academic progress, transcripts, test scores, classes attended, dates of attendance, enrollment status, fields of study, majors, sample work provided, honors, awards, degrees awarded, participation in sports, and other extracurricular activities.
  • Educational Organizations: means my high schools, colleges, universities, and other educational agencies or institutions that I previously attended, currently attend, or attend in the future during my participation in the Program.


I understand that TheDream.US is obtaining my consent on behalf of its grantors, partners, contractors, consultants, or other parties to whom TheDream.US has outsourced services or functions and each of my Educational Organizations. I understand that I have the right to (a) request a copy of any of my Educational Records disclosed by an Educational Organization under this Consent by contacting TheDream.US and (b) revoke my consent at any time by delivering written notice to TheDream.US.