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Skills for College, Skills for Life: Disclosing your Status

Dear Scholars,

Disclosing your immigration status to a potential or current employer is a personal choice. You do not have to disclose it and employers do not have a right to ask for it. Do what is most comfortable to you in each situation.

Video # 5 in our Weekly Video Series features two of our Alumni sharing their personal reasons why they choose to disclose or not disclose their DACA and TPS status when applying for jobs. Sadhana and My Ford also go over some important tips for the job interview and hiring process.

Along with the Employment Guides that we shared in Email Series #4, this video is helpful when navigating the job market with DACA or TPS.

For those without DACA/TPS, we will be sending you a targeted email with specific career resources and opportunities soon.

TheDream.US Team