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Skills for College, Skills for Life: Your Rights as an Employee with DACA/TPS

Dear Scholars,
Video # 4 in our Weekly Video Series highlights the employment rights for those with DACA and TPS. Andrea Senteno, a lawyer with MALDEF (The Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund), explains what employers may ask you and your rights.
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We have also put together two guides to give you more information as you seek employment. The more you know the more successful you will be in finding employment, so please read and share these Guides:

Key Fact: If an employer asks you if you need sponsorship, your answer should be NO. DACA and TPS holders do not need sponsorship. 

We hope you are taking advantage of the Career Connections opportunities we are bringing to you – from attending Employer Info Sessions, to applying to jobs and internships.

TheDream.US Team