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Teacher, DACA Recipient, and TheDream.US Graduate Homar Rodriguez: “Time for the Promise of Citizenship to Become a Reality”

New Op-ed from Homar Rodriguez in Delaware’s Largest Paper Follows His Introduction of Dr. Jill Biden as Guest Speaker at Recent TheDream.US Virtual Commencement 


Washington, DC – An op-ed published in The News Journal, Delaware’s largest newspaper, by TheDream.US graduate Homar Rodriguez highlights his personal story as a graduate of Delaware State University, a middle school teacher, and a DACA recipient and makes the case for why now is the time for “the promise of citizenship to become a reality.”


Rodriguez, who recently introduced Dr. Jill Biden as the guest speaker for the TheDream.US virtual commencement, writes:


“I’m a proud middle school teacher, a proud bachelor’s and master’s degree graduate of Delaware State University, and a proud Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) recipient.


I said at the virtual commencement while introducing Dr. Biden, “I plan on following along in her footsteps to build a distinguished career as a lifelong educator, mentor, coach, and leader. As Dr. Biden says, ‘Teaching is not what I do. It’s who I am.’”


My story is similar to thousands of other DACA recipients across the country who are working as K-12 teachers. Campuses, communities and, I’d like to think, my classroom and thousands of others are strengthened by Dreamers’ presence.


Programs like DACA and support from organizations like TheDream.US and institutions like Delaware State have expanded the opportunities for tens of thousands of DREAMers who were born elsewhere, but have grown up in this country, and call America their home.


… [now is the time] we strengthened DREAMers’ futures once and for all by building off the successes for DACA and making citizenship achievable for DREAMers and other long-time immigrants who have no way to become citizens and fully participate in the country they have long called home

…It’s time for the promise of citizenship to become a reality and match our contributions and potential to this country”


  • Read the op-ed from Homar Rodriguez online here 
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