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Teresa Cardona-Villa

Country of Origin: Mexico

Age of Arrival: 3 years old

Hometown: Fountain, CO

Degree: Business

No matter where you are from or what culture you were raised in, it’s true that parents want the best for their children.

That’s certainly the case for my family. My parents brought me to the United States when I was only three years old in hopes of creating a better life for my siblings and me. In hopes of allowing us to reach our full potential.

Both of my parents were born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico, in a poor community that is full of kind and caring people, but that did not offer many opportunities. Both of my parents have lived very tough lives without access to education past the elementary school level.

My parents’ sacrifices on our behalf made me realize that I cannot take the opportunity of education for granted. My father always said “education is the most important thing in life.” It’s true.

Like every single immigrant in this country, my family has come here to try and live the American Dream. My family came from Jalisco, Mexico, but I call my community of Fountain, Colorado my home. Yes, I was born thousands of miles away from it, and no I have not lived there all my life. But Fountain is where I have grown to be the person I am today. It’s where my classmates, our family friends, and my teachers helped shape my life.

I plan to major in Business at Metropolitan State University and, maybe, one day will open my own business.

My story and my success will be because of my family’s sacrifices and because of the relationships and support from my community here in America.