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TheDream.US Announces Opening of New Round of New York City Immigrant Youth College Scholarships

TheDream.US, the nation’s largest immigrant youth college access program, has announced the opening of its new round of scholarships for the 2021-2022 academic year. 
The organization’s expanded eligibility criteria  open applications  to DREAMers who have DACA, TPS, or who arrived in the country before November 1, 2015, and who otherwise meet the DACA eligibility criteria.
The new round of scholarships includes a focus on New York City immigrant youth seeking a college education. TheDream.US partners with 18 of the City Colleges of New York system community colleges ( see a list  here ), each of which is dedicated to supporting the higher education needs of DREAMers.
Thanks to the support of New York City donors, including the Pershing Square Foundation and Robin Hood, TheDream.US has awarded more than 1,200 scholarships to New York City DREAMers and paid out over $ 23M in prizes.
According to Candy Marshall, President of TheDream.US:  “We are proud to be able to support motivated and determined DREAMers in New York City and across the United States who are often unable to afford a college education.
We are encouraged by President-elect Biden’s commitments to reestablish the DACA program and to pass legislation that will give DREAMers a path to citizenship and allow them to fully contribute to our shared country.

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