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TheDream.US Application Round Open, Ready to Help Immigrant Students Access and Succeed in College

For Immediate Release: February 9, 2021

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TheDream.US Application Round Open, Ready to Help Immigrant Students Access and Succeed in College

Visit https://www.thedream.us/scholarships/national-scholarship/ for Application Information

Washington, DC – A recent Washington Post story focuses on worrisome signs that Latino enrollment in college is declining due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19. The story notes:

“The steady stream of Latino students arriving on college campuses in recent years has been a bright spot in higher education, but some worry the pandemic could threaten those gains … The most recent enrollment data disaggregated by race showed a 5.4 percent drop in the head count of Latino undergraduates in the fall, according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.

…Meanwhile, data about next year’s incoming class is mixed, with signs of promise but also areas of concern. A Washington Post analysis of federal education data found staggering declines in the number of Latino students applying for financial aid to attend college in the fall — a critical step for those who are college-bound.

…‘The interest is there,’ said Deborah A. Santiago, chief executive of the nonprofit advocacy group Excelencia in Education [and a member of TheDream.US Advisory Board], ‘but the reality is we are still disproportionately affected by the pandemic and the trade offs are real … Students are having to prioritize supporting their family — going to college is another way to do that, but the immediate need has superseded the longer term goal.’”


TheDream.US is helping immigrant youth – many of whom are Latino – not only access college, but succeed in earning their degrees and launching their careers. We partner with more than 75 Partner Colleges across the country that are committed to identifying and addressing the barriers facing DREAMers in college and providing the support they need to successfully navigate their college journey. This includes access to internships, career and professional development opportunities, and graduate school and mental health resources.

Our Scholarship round for the 2021-2022 academic year is open through February 25, 2021. DREAMers are eligible to apply if they have DACA/TPS or if they came to the U.S. before November 1, 2015 and otherwise meet the DACA eligibility criteria.

Many of our Scholars identify with the challenges outlined in the Washington Post story. In September 2020, our “In Their Own Words” survey report detailed how the COVID-19 pandemic was affecting the lives of 2,681 TheDream.US Scholars attending Partner Colleges in 17 states and Washington, DC. The survey found that DREAMers and their families’ economic and health security had been greatly diminished by the pandemic: 83% of Scholars in the survey reported that an immediate family member’s job had been affected by COVID and 76% reported feeling “much more” (36%) or “more” (40%) anxious about their ability to support family members financially.

Yet despite these challenges, TheDream.US Scholars remained focused on completing college, giving back to their communities, and ambitiously pursuing their post-college goals: 71% of the Scholars in the survey reported a goal of attending graduate school. And 96% of the 2,500 TheDream.US National Scholars eligible to return for the Fall 2020 semester re-enrolled. These findings speak to the incredible resilience of DREAMers as well as to the ongoing support provided through Partner Colleges, our alumni network, and our allies.

According to Candy Marshall, president of TheDream.US: “We are grateful for all of our Partner Colleges and their commitment to help TheDream.US Scholars succeed despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its disproportionate effects on immigrant youth and students of color. With DACA solidly in place and the potential for legislation that would provide DREAMers with permanent residency, now is the time for immigrant youth to go to college and pursue a meaningful career that will help them contribute to our country’s future and the financial stability of their families.”

TheDream.US National Scholarship applications close on February 25, 2021. Visit https://www.thedream.us/scholarships/national-scholarship/ for more information on how to apply.


About TheDream.US

TheDream.US is the nation’s largest college and career success program for immigrant youth, having provided more than 6,500 college scholarships to DREAMers attending over 75 partner colleges in 19 states and Washington, DC. We believe that all young Americans, regardless of where they were born, should have the opportunity to get a college education and pursue a meaningful career that contributes to our country’s future.