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TheDream.US – Your Awardees!

Greetings to our PCs!

Friday was an exciting day for TheDream.US.  We sent emails to over 1,500 DREAMers telling them that they have been awarded TheDream.US National Scholarship.  This is a day that will truly change the trajectory of their lives and the lives they touch!

We recognize that this is an extraordinary number of awardees.  But, given these uncertain times, we firmly believe that it is critical to give as many DREAMers as possible the opportunity of a college education. While we will not be able to sustain this level of awards, however our Founders, Advisory Board and team agreed that it is the right thing to do this year.

Scholars must accept the scholarship by Thursday June 1, 2017, to receive the award. We encourage you to reach out to the Scholars to congratulate them, encourage them to accept the award, and offer any assistance they might need in enrolling in your institutions.

You can determine which of your awardees have accepted the Scholarship by running the ISTS Applicant Information Report, using these filters:

  • Program: “TheDream.US National Scholarship Program (2017-18)”
  • Status: “Winners”
  • Once you run and download the report in excel, you will be able to filter on those who have accepted, declined, or not yet responded.

Note, please do not publicly announce the number of Scholars who have received the award to attend your college until AFTER they have accepted the scholarship.

Our many thanks to our ISTS team, our 163 Selection Committee Members, and our fabulous Partner Colleges!

Our best,