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TheDream.US – Enrollment and Performance Data Process

** A separate email was sent to College Match, College Track and ECE. 

Dear Partner Colleges,

We would like to give you an update on our Enrollment and Performance Data Collection Processes for this next academic year.

Through a series of recent focus groups, we received valuable feedback from a number of you on how we can improve, simplify, and combine these two processes. As a result of your feedback, we are making these changes:

  • Your PC Scholar Report and the data collection form will be available to you on August 15th and you are able to submit your enrollment and performance data any time after the first day of college classes;
  • ISTS will wire your funds within 30 days from the day we receive your completed form – the sooner you submit the form, the sooner you will receive the funds; and
  • We will be collecting your college’s cost of attendance data in this form (making for one less process and form)

During our focus groups sessions, you indicated it would help you if we included your college ID in this form. Unfortunately, we were unable to pull the IDs from your spring term reports because the reports were submitted in many different formats. We will collect the ID’s again in this round. It is critical that you do not change the format of these forms so that we are able to merge the forms and upload your college IDs.

Your Actions:

  • Put a hold on your students’ accounts until you receive payment from us!
  • Join us on Tuesday, Aug 15, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT for an orientation on the combined Enrollment and Performance Data Process and Form. Please register for the orientation here. We encourage you to participate – it will help answer your questions and, we hope, make it an easier process for you.

Thank you all for your support. We hope these improvements will help reduce the burden of reporting this valuable data.

Our best,