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TheDream.US – EPR Template & Instructions (Orientation today!)

Dear Partner Colleges,

Thank you for registering for today’s Enrollment and Performance Report & Process Orientation. If you haven’t done so, please register here.

Attached is the template that you will be submitting to us, along with the instructions of how to submit and how to fill out the form. Please review before the orientation if you have the time to do so.

As you will see in the template, there are three tabs:

  1. Instructions: Detailed instructions of EPR Process; how to fill out the template and how to submit it.
  2. Enter Data Here: Where you will copy and paste the information from the PC Scholar Report, and fill out the appropriate columns (following the instructions).
  3. Drop-Down Source Data: Drop down menus that will auto populate on the “Enter Data Here” tab. No action needed here. Do not make any changes on this sheet.

Please do not modify or change the template/tabs in any way, other than inputting your data on the second tab.

Your PC Scholar Report is now ready on your ISTS Portal! This report will be more accurate than reports from the past, but we know that there will be some data inaccuracies that we will correct with the data that you will provide us.

Thank you for your patience and support. We look forward to seeing you today!

Our best,