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Our Dear Scholars,

Our hearts are with every single one of you. In the next couple of days, we will continue to send messages both through email, text, and Facebook – this is the time to come together and forge forward.

You have more support than you know it! We have seen first-hand how your strength and motivation inspires other people. Our own founder and donor Don Graham writes, “Thousands of DREAMers seem to have an impossible level of motivation, coupled with fortitude that defies obstacles that would bring most of us to our knees. The loss of DACA—the protection they were offered by President Obama in 2012—will be another miserable chapter in their lives. Many DREAMers will turn it into still greater motivation to study, to work, and to help others.” We believe and echo Don’s words!

As we try to understand what this announcement means for all of us, we wanted to share with you some key websites with information on today’s announcement.

  1. http://weareheretostay.org/resources/ The Here to Stay website is a great resource that explains the announcement, has a mental health guide and other information around employment.
  2. https://www.ilrc.org/what-do-i-need-know-if-daca-program-ends-august-28-2017 The ILRC offers great advice on what you can do now and how to protect yourself. This resource is in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Scholar Advisor or our team. While we may not have all the answers we will do our best to find them.

With You,

TheDream.US Team