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TheDream.US – Increase of National Award

Dear TheDream.US Scholars,

We are happy to share good news with you!

After careful consideration, TheDream.US has decided to increase the maximum award for our National Scholarship Program from $25,000 to $29,000 for tuition and fees.  The stipend will remain the same. Note: Scholars attending CA public institutions and Kaplan University are not eligible for the stipend.

Why this decision:

  • Cost of tuition and fees has increased over the 4 years we have been giving awards and we recognize that this increase has largely fallen on your shoulders.
  • To ensure that you have the financial support needed to earn a bachelor’s degree.

TheDream.US is implementing this increase starting with the Fall 2017 payments.

Calculation of New Dollars:

  • We will continue to calculate the award based on the actual cost of tuition and fees .
  • First Time College Scholarship Scholars will receive up to $7,250 per year and Community College Graduate Scholarship Scholars will receive up to $14,500 per year.
  • Scholars attending California community colleges will continue to receive up to $2,000 per year ($4,000 maximum) towards an associate degree.
  • California Scholars who received the Community College Graduate Scholarship will receive up to $7,250 per year ($14,500 maximum).

The award will be reduced only if a Scholar’s total financial aid package exceeds the estimated cost of attendance based on the Scholar’s living arrangement (e.g., on campus or off campus).

With our Partner Colleges, we are committed to supporting an affordable college education. Our award cannot be used to displace any state, institutional or other scholarship aid that is available to you through your college. Our goal is to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

Please see the attached FAQ for more information.  We will also answer more of your questions during our upcoming Scholar Orientation (New Scholars) and Pep Rally (Current Scholars) in August.

Congratulations on all you have achieved so far.  We are proud of you!