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TheDream.US Launches New Video Series Spotlighting Alumni Entrepreneurs


For Immediate Release: February 19, 2024

Contact: Michael Earls at [email protected] 

TheDream.US Launches New Video Series Spotlighting Alumni Entrepreneurs 

Visit TheDream.US to Watch Video Story of Nestor, the First in New Weekly Series Featuring TheDream.US Alumni Entrepreneurs

Washington, DC – TheDream.US, the nation’s largest college access and success program for immigrant youth, today launched the first in a new weekly video series celebrating and sharing the stories of entrepreneurial alumni. 

Viewable at TheDream.US, the first video in the weekly entrepreneur series features Nestor, the owner of his own entertainment company who has DJ’ed venues like Dodgers Stadium and Disney.  

Nicole Wesley, Senior Program Manager of Career Supports at TheDream.US said: “It shouldn’t be a surprise that so many Dreamers are entrepreneurs. The same type of courage, resilience, creativity, and hard-work needed to start and grow a business are all qualities that immigrants embody. The stories of our Alumni entrepreneurs not only show their commitment to their post grad fields, but the possibilities all Dreamers have for greatness, regardless of their immigration status. By sharing their stories, TheDream.US celebrates the success of our Alumni while reinforcing the potential our students, past, present, and future, have to take the American Dream into their own hands.”

  • Watch the first alumni entrepreneur video HERE and follow TheDream.US social channels for weekly installments

About TheDream.US TheDream.US is the nation’s largest college and career success program for undocumented immigrant students, having provided more than 10,000 college scholarships to Dreamers attending over 80 partner colleges in 21 states and Washington, DC. We believe everyone, regardless of where they were born, should have equitable access to a college education, a meaningful career, and opportunities to contribute to the communities they call home. For more information on TheDream.US, visit www.thedream.us