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[TheDream.US] National Orientation & Pep Rally Invitations (SF Bay Area)

Dear SF Bay Area National Partner Colleges,

We have sent separate emails to all SF Bay Area New Scholars and Current Scholars who successfully renewed their Scholarship, to invite them to attend in person the New Scholar Orientation and the Renewed Scholar Pep Rally respectively. In the emails, we included the Scholarship Program Guide and a Quiz; as the guide has the answers to most of the questions we (and you) get from them.

Bay area Scholars have been invited to attend in person at SJSU and to RSVP via the following links:

Bay Area Scholars who cannot attend in person may register to attend virtually.  We also encourage you to attend virtually to hear what we are telling Scholars.

Finally, please take a moment to take the quiz so you can become familiar with the guide as well.

National Scholarship Program Guide & Quiz:  Program Guide and Quiz

We look forward to virtually seeing you soon,

TheDream.US Team