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TheDream.US – Opportunity Scholars Tuition and Fess on EPR

**Note this message was only sent to colleges that have both National and Opportunity Scholars.

Dear Hybrid – Opportunity/National Colleges,

In this week’s Enrollment and Performance Report and Process Orientation, we were asked by one of you if you should put the actual tuition and fees for the Opportunity Scholars. Great question. We would like to clarify that given our special agreement with you regarding the Opportunity Scholars, we ask that you please input $20,000 under the tuition and fees column in the EPR for the Opportunity Scholars only, instead of the actual tuition and fees. You will input the actual tuition and mandatory fees (as explained on the instructions) for the National Scholars.  

Side note – you may view the type of Scholarship your Scholars are part of (Opportunity vs. National) on Column A of your PC Scholar Report.

Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions.