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TheDream.US Opportunity Scholarship Program Guide


Over the summer, your Opportunity Scholarship Program Guide got a fresh new look! As a returning Scholar, we want to make sure you read and acknowledge our latest policies and guidelines. 

This Guide will help you know how to manage our Scholarship Award. You will find answers related to: 

  • What your award will cover,
  • When do you receive your award,
  • Dropping a class,
  • And many more.

REQUIRED by September 10th:

  1. Download and read your Scholarship Program Guide here, and
  2. Complete this Acknowledgement Form

PRO TIP: Go to your Bookmarks Manager in your web browser; copy and paste this link to save as a new bookmark:


You can then use this link to access the most recent Guide at any time!

Remember, when you have questions about your Scholarship award, go to your Guide first.


TheDream.US Team