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TheDream.US: Our Country is Strengthened By You

To our Scholars and Alumni,

We are heartened by today’s Supreme Court ruling  – not only for all of you – but for America. Read our press release here.

Our country’s workplaces, campuses and communities are enriched through your presence and contributions. As became clear to Americans during this pandemic – you are a part of the fabric of this nation.

While we have won this battle, we have not won the war.

Together with you and our allies, we will redouble our efforts to press Congress to pass legislation to provide you with permanent status and enable you to fully participate in American society. We stand with the 85% of Americans who believe that NOW is the time to give DREAMers the opportunity to realize the American dream.

We want to ensure each and every one of you that our financial, academic, and emotional support for you remains in place – we are here for you to help you complete your college journey, graduate, and launch your career – DACA or no DACA.

Throughout the political and legal battles over DACA, we have been proud to witness your courage and resilience. Your stories remind us how and why our country is strengthened by you and your families.

We are in this together and together we will get through this.

We stand with you,

TheDream.US Team