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TheDream.US Partner Colleges Submit Written Testimony on Behalf of Dreamers’ Citizenship and Opportunities


For Immediate Release: May 22, 2024

Contact: Michael Earls at [email protected] 

TheDream.US Partner Colleges Submit Written Testimony on Behalf of Dreamers’ Citizenship and Opportunities

Written testimony submitted by Four Partner Colleges follows TheDream.US President & CEO Gaby Pacheco testimony and sign-on letter from TheDream.US Scholars and Alumni  

Washington, DC – Following the recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing “Dream Deferred: The Urgent Need to Protect Immigrant Youth,” featuring TheDream.US President & CEO Gaby Pacheco (watch her testimony here), four TheDream.US Partner Colleges representing diverse institutions from across the country have submitted their own written statements of support, joining the call for lawmakers to expand opportunities and deliver an overdue fix providing Dreamers a way to become legal American citizens. 

See key excerpts from written statements of support from four TheDream.US Partner Colleges below, along with links to Pacheco’s testimony and a sign-on letter from nearly 1,750 TheDream.US Scholars and Alumni.

Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University, stated: “The importance of a college education, the ability to work and a stable immigration policy are all reasons to renew the push for a Dream Act … The importance of doing so cannot be understated.”

John S. Nader, President of Farmingdale State College in New York, wrote: “Dreamers’ success is indeed our country’s success. Expanding access to permanent protections to all Dreamers stands to make a significant impact not only on our region or on the higher education sector, but on the nation’s economy as a whole.”

Glenda Temple, President of Dominican University in Illinois, stated: “We understand that the issue of immigration policy is a contentious one, but we urge you to center humanity, responsibility, and safety as you make your decision. Dreamers deserve the right to continue contributing to the workforce without the fear of deportation, as well as the nation deserves the right to benefit from the meaningful multifaceted contributions of immigrants in the U.S.”

Rhett Brown, President of Wingate University, remarked: “Our students become difference-makers in their communities as teachers, pastors and business professionals. Many of them, now well into their thirties, have built stable homes with families who depend on their ability to work. Dreamers have been included in immigration negotiations in the past and as someone who knows their success stories well, we’d like to see Dreamers no longer be caught in limbo. Your role in this matter is crucial and I appreciate your attention to it.”

  • TheDream.US President & CEO Gaby Pacheco testimony (read full testimony here and watch video of her testimony here)
  • 1,746 TheDream.US Scholars and Alumni signed onto a letter of support calling on lawmakers to “give us an opportunity. What we want is the chance to legalize our status so that all of us Dreamers, with and without DACA and TPS, can become full-fledged American citizens.” The sign-on letter is available here.
  • Read an NBC News article on TheDream.US sign-on letter and the Senate Dreamer hearing (here)

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