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Dear Scholars,  


Last week we learned a decision had been made by the California court mandating the Trump Administration to continue to accept DACA renewal applications. On Saturday night, USCIS updated their guidance and said they would start accepting applications. However, we also learned today that the Justice Department filed a notice to petition for immediate supreme court review of the lawsuit. What does this mean? The window to submit your DACA renewal will most likely close soon, please seek legal advice and assess whether to apply immediately. 


Please take time to read over the guidance from the National Immigration Law Center: https://www.nilc.org/2018/01/13/five-things-know-latest-uscis-announcement/ 


When sending in your application, send it next day certified mail.  

And if you need funds to pay for the DACA renewal please seek support from local organizations or apply for the Mission Asset Fund grant: https://missionassetfund.org/daca-grant/  They have a waitlist, but they will prioritize applications from those whose DACA has expired or will do so soon.  


Our Best,