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TheDream.US Stands With You!

Dear Scholars,

We know that you are experiencing a range of emotions about the outcome of Tuesday’s election. We are too. And we want you to know that we are here to help.

We remain steadfast in our belief that nothing should stand in your way of a getting a college education— not the cost, not your immigration status, not your lack of access to financial aid.

Please know this:  Even if DACA is eliminated, we will continue to provide our scholarship to help you pay for your college education (so long as we are able to do so).

None of us know what actions the new administration will take on immigration. But we are committed to doing what we can to influence those actions – including reaching out to friends in the Republican Party and those who may be a part of the Trump administration to make the case for us.

We are also consulting with our donors, our advisory board, and immigration lawyers to explore what we may be able to do to help you should the administration decide to revoke your DACA status.

Do not despair!  In this time of uncertainty, hold the course.  Continue to go to classes; continue to focus on your studies; complete this term.  And take care of yourself.  Reach out to your Scholar Advisor, counseling services, family, friends and TheDream.US if you need assistance.

Please share any information and resources you hear about that may be available to undocumented immigrant students.  Feel free to post on them on Facebook or send directly to us.  Toward that end, we found this email from E4FC – What We Know and Can Do Now – very helpful.

We stand by and with you!


P.S.  Please feel free to share this email, or click here for the Spanish version to share with your family.