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TheDream.US – Summer Enrollment Verification Report

Dear National Partner Colleges,

Your Summer Enrollment Verification Report is now ready to be downloaded. Please see instructions below of to fill out and submit your Report.

A few important notes:

  • This does not apply to the Opportunity Scholars.
  • ISTS will be wiring funds every two weeks from May to July (~ mid and end of each month), and it normally takes a few business days for your college to receive the funds.
  • Try to submit one report only if possible (e.g. if your college has 2 summer terms, submit all scholars enrolled in the first Summer term together in one report, and then submit all the scholars for the second Summer term in a separate report).
  • If you do need to do some changes or add a scholar(s) at the last minute, please submit only the information for that scholar(s) in a separate report, and use the “college comments” column, to let us know of the changes.
  • Please work with our Scholars to ensure they have a plan for how they will pay for any remaining tuition and fees if it appears they will use their full award before they have completed their degree. This is particularly important for colleges that provide additional institutional or scholarship aid to close the gap between the cost of tuition and fees and our scholarship award.

Please read the instructions below carefully, and let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you all in advance and hope you have a wonderful weekend,

TheDream.US Team

Instructions for Completing the Summer Enrollment Verification Report:


** Please do not do the following, as doing any of these, significantly delays the time it takes to calculate and wire the awards to your college:

  • Change the format or columns
  • Separate the Scholars in different tabs
  • Hide columns, or leave filters and highlights you did on the form before submitting

** The Summer Award is part of the overall Maximum Award for the Scholars; it is not additional award money.

  1. Run, export, and save your Summer Enrollment Verification Report (EVR) – Steps:
  • Login to your ISTS portal: https://clients.applyISTS.net/Dream
  • Click on the “Enrollment Verification Report”
  • Enter your report key
  • Run the report
  • Export the report into an xls format and save on your desktop
    • Only provide the requested information for the Scholars doing summer courses.
    • Please delete the Scholars from the form that are not enrolled in your college in the summer.
    • Upload the completed Summer Enrollment Verification Report via the secure Dropbox site at:  https://www.dropbox.com/request/Yj7dggVLqiarE2yTxWDj