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TheDream.US: Survey Report Calls for Colleges to Provide Counseling to Undocumented Students

To our Partner College Presidents and teams,

We are pleased to share that we have released In Their Own Words, a report summarizing the survey responses of 1,400 of our Scholars. The Report provides a unique picture of our Scholars and their employment and educational gains, while painting a portrait of the uncertainty and anxiety that Scholars face in a difficult immigration climate, particularly with the impending end of DACA and TPS.

We have included recommendations for federal, state, and local policymakers; higher education institutions; the business community; mental health providers; and community members to help empower and enable immigrant students to succeed.

The Chronicle for Higher Education covered our report: Colleges Should Enhance Resources for Undocumented Students, Report Urges. Here’s How Some Are Doing That The article highlights the work of several of our colleges!

We hope you will help lift this report via your social media so it is shared broadly and leads to action.

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  • Check out new report from @TheDream_US with survey detailing hopes, gains, anxieties, day-to-day challenges of 1,400 Scholars AND what campuses, policymakers, and all of us can do to support them: http://bit.ly/InTheirOwnWordsReport
  • MUST read Report: If you care about #DACA and #TPS students, read “In Their Own Words,” based on survey of 1,400 @TheDream_US Scholars with suggestions for what educators, employers, and community members can do to support these students: http://bit.ly/InTheirOwnWordsReport

We remain in deep gratitude for your support for DREAMers and our program.

In gratitude,

TheDream.US Team