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TheDream.US Welcomes New Team Member and Unveils Strategic Title Adjustments

Exciting News from TheDream.US!

As we continue to celebrate our 10-year anniversary, we are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our team, Nicole Mejia! Nicole joins us as a Program Associate, bringing a wealth of experience in supporting diverse students and a passion for creating extraordinary experiences for Scholars, Alumni, and Partner Colleges.

We are also proud to announce strategic title changes within our team:

Hyein Lee, who has been with¬†TheDream.US¬†for 6 years, will now be our Chief Operating Officer (COO). As our COO, Hyein will oversee the daily operations and procedures of the nation’s largest college and career success program for Dreamers. Collaborating closely with Gaby, Hyein will lead operational, team management, stakeholder engagement, and program development. Hyein is a force in the higher education space, and her drive, powered by research and evaluation to build evidence-based narratives for immigrant and higher education equity, will help bring the story of our program and the success of our Scholars to the decision-makers and powerful leaders of this country.

Maria Vanegas, who has been with TheDream.US for over a year, will continue with us now as our Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Maria, as our CFO, is responsible for ensuring the financial health and sustainability of TheDream.US. She will oversee financial reports, budgeting, forecasting, and donor contributions, working closely with the leadership team to implement financial strategies supporting our mission. As well, she will continue to be the liaison with our fiscal sponsor NVF and now ensure that our organization is creating a rewarding and supportive workplace for our staff.

Camila Salkov was first a Scholar, and after she finished her graduate school and worked in several financial institutions, she came to work for TheDream.US. After being with TheDream.US for couple of years, she will now serve as our Risk Data and Reporting Manager. In her new role, Camila Salkov will contribute to the implementation of our strategic goals, focusing on data management for TheDream.US programs. She will continue to design infrastructure to organize our data, ensuring integrity and quality assurance for effective program implementation.

Our Vision for the Future: These changes mark an exciting chapter in our journey. As we forge ahead, we remain committed to providing college access and career supports for Dreamers, advocating for their rights, and fostering strong communities. This mighty team of 10 supports 10,000+ Scholars and in partnership with other mission-aligned organizations are ensuring that Dreamers have the opportunity to not just dream but also fulfill those dreams.

Join us in welcoming Nicole and congratulating our team members on their new roles and titles!