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Three Higher Education and Immigrant Rights Organizations Host Inaugural SUCCESS Awards Ceremony

For Immediate Release: April 2, 2024

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Three Higher Education and Immigrant Rights Organizations Host Inaugural SUCCESS Awards Ceremony

Houston, TX – On Friday, March 29, TheDream.US, the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, and Immigrants Rising hosted their inaugural SUCCESS awards ceremony to recognize committed institutions, student advocates, and higher education leaders who are supporting undocumented students’ access and success on their campuses and beyond. 

Gaby Pacheco, President and CEO of TheDream.US said: “We are so excited to celebrate such an incredible diversity of champions and leaders across the country, some are defending tuition equity, others are expanding it; some are working to create new structures and others working creatively within existing structures. Their dedication to serving their students makes a difference in first-generation immigrant students’ journey towards college and career success.”

Miriam Feldblum, Executive Director of the Presidents’ Alliance for Higher Education and Immigration said: “Our inaugural SUCCESS Awards ceremony recognized a diverse group of public and private institutions, higher education leaders, and student advocates committed to supporting undocumented students nationwide. This ceremony was an important opportunity to recognize that these leaders, institutions, and students are working to drive innovation, foster excellence, and contribute to the economic prosperity of our communities and country.”

Iliana Perez, Executive Director of Immigrants Rising said: “We are inspired by the student leaders, practitioners and institutions that bravely use their voices and resources, even when it’s difficult, in support of a more inclusive and welcoming world for undocumented students. With the inaugural SUCCESS awards, we recognize, applaud, and give thanks to the ones who are creating a transformative impact on countless lives.”

2024 SUCCESS Institutional Leadership Award:

Bunker Hill Community College

In order to better serve its immigrant students, Bunker Hill Community College created an immigrant services office and new infrastructure, including specific attention to supporting undocumented students. The office has made significant differences for undocumented students on campus, including participation in the successful campaign to expand in-state tuition and financial aid to undocumented students in Massachusetts. BHCC is committed to improving access, equity, retention, and graduation rates for undocumented students.

The City University of New York

CUNY, recognizing the growing needs of students and departments, centralized their immigration services and have developed and supported many non-employment-based experiential learning opportunities. CUNY’s central leadership in this area has been vitally important to ensure greater support at CUNY campuses. 

Dominican University

Dominican staff have been exceptional in their commitment to develop NEBOs and working across many departments to ensure their development and implementation. 

Metropolitan State University of Denver

To better support their immigrant students, MSU-Denver created a dedicated immigrant services office and the staff there have been exceptional in their work with students, in their proactive support of undocumented and immigrant students, securing additional funding and more. 

University of Houston

UH serves as the largest campus partner for TheDream.US, and utilizes offices across the campus in their work, including career development services so that UH can effectively support their TheDream.US Scholars and foster a welcoming environment.

2024 SUCCESS Higher Education Leadership Award:

Nancy Cantor, Chancellor, Rutgers University-Newark

Chancellor Nancy Cantor was honored for her long-standing commitment and leadership to support immigrant students. She was also recognized for her leadership as a co-founder and co-chair of the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration.

Elsa Núñez, President, Eastern Connecticut State University

President Elsa Núñez was honored for her long-standing commitment and leadership to support immigrant students. She was also recognized for her leadership as co-chair of the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration.

Lane Glenn, President, Northern Essex Community College

President Lane Glenn was honored for his leadership in the successful expansion of tuition equity to undocumented students in Massachusetts and crucial contributions to support immigrant students.

2024 SUCCESS Student Leadership Award:


Britney, a Dreamer student leader, was recognized for her leadership in defending tuition equity for undocumented students in Florida. 


Karely, a Dreamer student leader, was recognized for her leadership for the Undocumented Student-Led Network at the UCs and the Opportunity for All (O4A) campaign in California.


Watch our video that showcases the perspectives of college presidents and chancellors on the critical importance of supporting immigrant students in higher education.

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About the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration

The nonpartisan, nonprofit Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration brings college and university presidents and chancellors together on the immigration issues that impact higher education, our students, campuses, communities and nation. We work to support undocumented, international and refugee students and advance forward-looking immigration policies and practices at the federal level, in our states, and across our college campuses. The Alliance is composed of 550+ college and university presidents and chancellors of public and private colleges and universities, enrolling over five million students in 42 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

About Immigrants Rising

Since 2006, Immigrants Rising has transformed undocumented individuals and fueled broader changes around the country. With Immigrant Rising’s resources and support, undocumented people are able to get an education, pursue careers, and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Highly respected within the field, Immigrants Rising has a proven track record of supporting the success and mobility of undocumented students through collaborative efforts with students, educators, and institutions. Immigrants Rising is a women-led, BIPOC-led, and immigrant-led 501c3 organization. For more information, visit www.immigrantsrising.org