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Update on Modern States: Now you can save $$$ AND get paid!


Earlier this week, we introduced you to Modern States, where you can earn college credits by taking their tuition-free, online courses and passing the CLEP exams.  You can finish college faster and save money by enrolling in their free classes this summer!

Another amazing reason to sign up? Modern States will PAY YOU to take a class!

YES! You can get paid up to $150 per eligible Modern States course you take and CLEP exam you pass. This cash stipend is now available to New Scholars outside of NY.

For details and to register*, see this one-pager.

KEEP IN MIND: Not all colleges accept all CLEP exam credits. Before starting, check with your Scholar Advisor or on your college website to make sure your college will accept the CLEP credits for the course you plan to take.

IMPORTANT: When registering, identify yourself as a TheDream.US Scholar in the high school question and enter your App ID, found in your ISTS Portal.

*Note: if you already registered using the general ModernStates.org link, please register again at nyc.modernstates.org to be eligible for the cash stipend; you must use the same email address and name that you used to register on ModernStates.org.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this resource!

TheDream.US Team