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USG proposes Credit/No Credit report to the Baruch administration

The Undergraduate Student Government sent a report to Baruch College’s administration on Oct. 27 proposing that the same optional Credit/No Credit, or CR/NC, policy enacted in the spring semester should be reinstated for this semester.

“[The] Undergraduate Student Government at Baruch College is unwilling to see a fall 2020 semester with no implementation of the Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) policy and therefore is open to negotiations on the matter,” the report stated.

After the spring 2020 CR/NC policy was extended due to the coronavirus pandemic, many students voiced their concerns in a questionnaire created by USG. The survey, which asked whether the Credit/No Credit policy should be enacted, remained open from Oct. 22 to Oct. 26. According to Laiba Hussain, USG’s chair of public opinion, who aided in conducting the survey, over 2,000 responses were received.

“This resolution and report will go directly to the Provost and President of Baruch College,” Vice President of Legislative Affairs Richard Reyes said. “President Wu has done an exceptional job as the President of Baruch. We hope that he acknowledges the needs of the students and urges the Chancellor to enact the CR/NC policy at Baruch College.”

With the data accumulated from the questionnaire, USG prepared a report to send to the administration at their weekly Senate meeting, during which all 17 members voted in favor of it.

The report found overwhelming evidence that distance learning does not accommodate all the needs of every student within the student body.

“. . . Such survey denotes the effects of Covid-19 in relation to education and wellbeing as of present time,” the report states.


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