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Watch: Info-Sessions on Income and Career Alternatives

Hello Scholars,

We want to remind you of some recent Info Sessions that provide valuable information and resources on Alternative Career Options regardless of your immigration status. The time to start planning for your career is now.

From TheDream.US

Income and Career Alternatives for Undocumented Students – Watch here

Undocumented professionals share their stories and advice on how to make it work as independent contractors, entrepreneurs, worker cooperative business owners, and more.

In-Depth: Worker Co-ops – Watch here

Hear how DREAMers, immigrant rights groups, colleges, and other organizations can join together to develop income Worker Co-Ops to provide DREAMers with income and business ownership opportunities.

Income Generation Webinar Series

This three-part series, created by Immigrants Rising and hosted by United We Dream, will help you understand what it means to work for yourself, develop an entrepreneurial mindset and launch your business.

Topics are:

1- Understanding What it Means to Work for Yourself

2- Developing an Entrepreneur Mindset

3- Starting a Business

Watch the series here

For many more resources related to opportunities for Alternative Income and Career Options, regardless of immigration status, go here.