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Winter & Spring Payment Processes

Dear Scholars,
Please read the following message regarding the Special Winter Term and Spring Payment Processes.
Special Winter Term 2016 Payment Process
If you are enrolling in a special winter term, your Scholar Advisor needs to know ASAP so we can process an award check. You must take these steps no later December 16th:

  1. Let your Scholar Advisor know that you have enrolled in the winter term; and
  2. Contact your Registrar’s office to confirm that a hold has been placed on your account so your classes are not dropped before your award payment arrives. If not, contact your Scholar Advisor.

Your college will verify your enrollment and send ISTS a report with the tuition and fees owed. ISTS will wire the funds within 14 business days following the receipt of the report.

Spring Term – 2017 Payment Process Timeline

  1. Let your Scholar Advisor know that you have enrolled in the Spring (or 2nd Q) term;
  2. In January, your college will confirm your enrollment for 2017 Spring Term and place a hold on your account so your classes are not dropped;
  3. Note: For those on quarter system – your Partner College will report both 2nd and 3rd quarter tuition and fees.
  4. No later than mid-February, ISTS will wire your award funds to your college;

If you have any questions, contact your Scholar Advisor for TheDream.US or ISTS Customer Care: at 1-855-670-4787 or [email protected].

Our best as always,

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