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Edwin Herrera

Edwin Herrera, 24, from Florida, born in Honduras I like the saying that he who gives a future to one person, gives a future to a thousand others. Through the […]


Whitney, from Washington DC, born in Germany With TheDream.US, I have realized that no matter what, there is always a way. You just have to be patient, resourceful, and hardworking. […]


Monica, 24, from North Carolina, born in Mexico I began to view America as my home as soon as I arrived at the age of eight, even though it was […]


Yuni, 19, from Idaho, born in Mexico There are so many ways I want to give back to my community as soon as I graduate as a nurse. At first, […]


Meliza, 20, from Denver, born in Mexico From a young age, as I translated words and sentences from English into Spanish, I can remember strangers casting sideways glances and looks […]

Johanza Blaize

Johanza Blaize, 18, from New York, born in Trinidad and Tobago There’s a power and comfort in knowing that you are not alone in what you may be going through. […]


Although my parents were only able to receive a grade school education in Mexico, today they own two small businesses. It has not been an easy journey for them due […]

Daniel Ledesma

Daniel Ledesma, 23, from Arizona born in Argentina The work ethic, the drive, and the perseverance that DREAMers have demonstrated, not only growing up but through their college journeys, is […]

Paul Parrish

Paul Parrish, 26, from California born in South Africa For the last 21 years, my dad, a pastor by training, has worked any job he could find to support our […]