Welcome to TheDream.US’ resource library. Here you will find a list of links, toolkits, guides, references and other information pertinent to DREAMers.

General Guides

An Employer’s Guide to Hiring Individuals with DACA/TPS

As employers look to expand and diversify their workforces, a key emerging talent pool is that of college graduates who have DACA/TPS. These graduates – who are from countries around the world and have grown up in the United States – have proven themselves to be highly motivated and determined to succeed in college and life. They are eager to have meaningful careers that will enable them to contribute to the social and economic prosperity of our country. The following guide helps employers answer any questions they may have on this population. Check out the guide here.

Your Employment Rights with DACA and TPS
(Employment Rights Guide for DREAMers)
As a DACA/TPS recipient, you can apply for and receive an EAD (Employment Authorization Document) which allows you to work legally so long as your EAD has not expired. The following guide with FAQs will help you understand your employment rights with DACA/TPS and an EAD. Check out the guide here: TheDream.US Employment Guide for DREAMers

Resources for Undocumented Students
This list of resources has been compiled by the Dream Educational Empowerment Program (DEEP), a program of the United We Dream National Network. View Document »

2016 School Financial Aid Policies Towards Undocumented Students View Website »

Parent Guides
This guide contains valuable information to help parents support their undocumented children prepare for college, apply to college, pay for college, make the most of life on campus, and pursue opportunities post-college. Available in English and Spanish. View Website »

Got DACA Now What?
What to know when your deferred action for childhood arrivals is approved guide. Download PDF »