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We know that our scholarship is an absolute necessity for low-income undocumented students to complete college. But we also know how difficult it can be to navigate college – especially for a first-generation student.

That is why we partner with colleges that are committed to supporting and graduating undocumented students. Our Partner Colleges have a track record of serving low-income, first-generation students. They offer a designated Scholar Advisor who provides ongoing support and assistance to address academic and financial needs, as well as the everyday challenges that may prevent our Scholars from completing college.

  1. You must also apply and be admitted to one of these Partner Colleges in order to receive and use the Opportunity Scholarship. Helpful tip – you can apply to all 5 Partner Colleges at once by filling out the Common App.

  2. Applying to TheDream.US Opportunity Scholarship does not guarantee admission to these Partner Colleges.

  3. We do not allow transfers once you are awarded the Opportunity Scholarship. Please make sure that you research the school of your choice (majors offered, proximity to home, cultural fit, climate, etc.) prior to making a selection on the application. Learn about the colleges by watching this virtual college fair.

  4. You may reach out and contact the Admissions team from our Partner Colleges to ask questions when making your decision. Learn more.

TheDream.US and my college degree changed my whole life. Before I knew about the scholarship I was working in a factory, dreaming about the time I could afford getting into even just community college. I knew in my heart that I wanted a degree and wanted to do something bigger with my life. I was able to change my whole life around and the life of my parents. I learned how to be away from home, be independent, go out of my comfort zone to find friends, create new memories in a new city, and even put my relationship to test which helped me for the greater good. I don’t know how I will ever be able to repay TheDream.US for everything that they allowed me to do.

Valery Gomez BahenaPartner CollegesGraphic Design, Spring 2021

TheDream.US believed in me and helped me get through college. There were times when all of my self believe shattered but I never gave up and that’s thanks to my family, friends, [Scholar Advisor] Kevin Noriega, and TheDream.US for not leaving me alone during times of uncertainty. I would have never made it this far without their unconditional support. I met so many amazing people during college and I would not change a thing from this entire experience because I trust the process and believe that things are meant to happen for a reason. Thank you to the entire TheDream.US team for believing in every scholar and for the opportunity to grow.

Karen BaltazarDelaware State UniversityBiology, Summer 2020

Opportunity Scholarship Graduating Class Incoming 2024

Dominican University

The Dream.US scholarship changed my life. Besides broadening my professional opportunities it introduced me to a new environment. The East Coast was such a breath of fresh air. I met people that were in my same situation and had big dreams like me! I made lifelong friends and explored beautiful cities. I detached myself from the vision others had for me. I found myself and discovered what makes me happy.

Enilse RamirezEastern Connecticut State UniversityBusiness Administration and Management, Fall 2019

TheDream.US has transformed my life. I graduated college way before I thought I could. I did some things that I never in my life imagined I could do, like interning on Capitol Hill, attending a summer fellowship at Princeton University, and working on congressional campaigns. All of these things could have never happened without TheDream.US. It gave me a taste of what I want to do with my life.

Margarita Vasquez MartinezTrinity Washington UniversityInternational Relations, Spring 2020