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You are eligible for a $500 emergency grant!

To the Scholars of TheDream.US:

Only a few weeks ago, you (as a group) were making amazing progress toward becoming college graduates. We couldn’t believe how well you were doing academically, and we were thrilled by how many of you came back to college each term.

The interruption of your college education caused by the coronavirus is one more lousy, unfair thing you have to deal with.

We—the seven members of TheDream.US staff, your three co-founders and all of our donors—believe in you. We want you to succeed in your educational plans, to finish college, to go to work and to earn a good living for yourselves and your families.

Knowing that many of you need computers or Wi-Fi to complete online courses and that many of you have lost jobs or are working less:

We are sending each of you $500 as an emergency grant from TheDream.US. See your email for instructions to apply. 

Even if you feel that you are not suffering financially, we want all of our scholars to take advantage of this grant.

We are sending this to you because we want you complete your classes this spring and to graduate on time. If you need computer equipment, Wi-Fi, or other educational supplies, we hope you get them. But we trust you to make the best use of this money for yourselves and your families. Use it for whatever you need most. We know it isn’t that much money for each of you, but we hope it helps.

We admire you so much. You’ve moved mountains to get where you are in your education. Let’s stay in touch with each other as each of you moves on to Graduation Day.


Don Graham, Co-Founder


PS: We are very grateful to the donors (one in particular) who made it possible for us to do this.